Why Mama Lou’s?

Meat free diets have become normal for many and some people are now favouring an entirely plant based diet for at least a couple of days a week. We all seem to have become busier with long days at work and increasing family pressures and we all seem to have less and less time. Whilst we all know that eating is important, all to often it seems a total bind to have to start to cook from scratch and existing choices for vegetarian and vegan ready meals are to say the least unimaginative and limited… if these problems sound familiar then Mama Lou’s ready meals are one solution to your food based stresses.

I trained as a chef in the early 70’s and since I became vegetarian myself in 1977 I have specialised in vegetarian and vegan cooking. I have worked in industry, café’s and bistros and catered for outdoor events over the years. All my dishes are cooked from scratch in my domestic kitchen I have made every effort to include as much of my organic home grown vegetables in my ready meals and my herbal elixirs and syrups contain ingredients gathered in the wild. Other ingredients such as fresh vegetables are hand picked by me and nothing that looks tired or worn gets anywhere near my food. Obviously all eggs are free range and all milk is organic it’s what I do... I use organic food where it is practical but because I know that cost is an issue I can’t use exclusively organic because I want to keep things affordable for all.

Lou has also written a few publications on herbs, history and their uses.. Her interest in wild food and herbalism grew out of her love of nature and her desire to find her place within the natural order of things. For several years she lived as a traveller in the British isles and used her knowledge of herbal simples and flower remedies to help her family and fellow travellers with various health issues and life events such as childbirth and chronic illnesses. You can take a look and order them here